is your solution for Pest Control, Termite Control, and Animal Removal. We are committed to providing you the best services possible, utilizing the safest most effective methods and technologies available. Not only are our services guaranteed to keep your home pest-free, but because of our commitment to green pest control, you and your family, as well as the environment of metro Atlanta, are far safer than possible with traditional pest control methods and technologies. Learn more...



If you have ants in the kitchen, termites in the walls, or squirrels in the attics, or if you currently have pest control and would like a safer, more environmentally friendly alternative, Solitude can help! Contact us today to get started!


Service                                                            Wildlife Removal                    Termite                Green Pest 

Complete removal and entry prevention                              *

Complete attic disinfection and restoration                          *

Surface sterilization and disinfection                                    *

Lifetime guarantee on technicians' work                              *

Baiting stations                                                                                                           *

Liquid barrier                                                                                                              *

Termite Re-treatment Warranty                                                                                  *

Treat the cracks and crevices around all exterior doors and windows                                                        *

Inject a pesticide powder within the walls near sinks                                                                                   *

Spray a liquid barrier treatment around the perimeter of your house                                                         *