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Termite Prevention

  • Georgia is one of the states at highest risk for termites. These little insects, often misidentified as ants, usually go undetected by homeowners until they have caused damage. Termites damages cost U.S. homeowners over $2.5 billion every year; the structural damage they cause can cost up to half the value of the home! Adding to the financial toll, most homeowners' insurance policies do not cover termite damage repair.

  • Solitude can prevent a termite nightmare from happening to you. We protect homes using both liquid barrier and baiting systems, and all of our treatments are bonded. If you're seeing termite swarmers or workers, discarded wings on the ground outside of your home, mud tubes on the exterior walls, cracked or bubbling paint, or wood that sounds as though it's been hollowed out, you probably have a termite problem. 

  • All Solitude termite treatments come with a re-treatment warranty. If at anytime after your home is treated termites are detected, we will take steps to remove the treatments from the affected area, and to prevent their return. Repair warranties are also available; please contact us for more information.

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